What is Website as a Service (WaaS)?

Website as a Service (WaaS) covers the extensive design, development, maintenance and technical details required to craft an industry-specific and customised website. There are quite an extensive number of elements that complete the (WaaS) package. The service provides everything that you would need to create the perfect web presence for your business.

Design & Branding

Branding a business properly is essential to building s successful brand and implementing an effective marketing strategy. The brand will become a symbol and represent the image of what a business does. The imagery, designs, and phrases associated with a brand can help a business gain, and maintain a loyal clientele. Our WaaS packages provide the support of a graphic designer as well as a brand expert that will assist with the visual details of your website. Customers tend to stick to what they know and expect consistent and unique branding that will make your business memorable.

Colour: The colours that are selected to represent a brand typically come with subconscious undertones from the perspective of the consumer. Think of some popular brands and what their colour schemes represent and the message the brand is trying to convey. Companies such as Virgin and Coca Cola exert a sense of energy, passion, and confidence through their bold, red logos. Other companies like The Body Shop, Lacoste, and Starbucks utilise green in their branding to exemplify a feeling of balance, growth, and equilibrium.

Consistency: Consumers generally like to see consistency in a brand, and a memorable sequence of imagery such as logos or certain designs is an effective method. The repetition of important details on a website as well as any key phrases or slogans will reinforce the strength of the brand’s power.

Mobile Responsiveness

According to a recent forecast, the number of smartphone users worldwide will reach 2.4 billion by 2018. In the UK, approximately 76% of adults have a smartphone and over 32 million smartphones are purchased annually (source?).As a result, the need for a mobile-friendly website is key to maintaining a steady pool of clientele. Mobile responsiveness has now become an essential feature and a definite expectation for smartphone users throughout the world. Google and other search engines heavily penalise websites that are not mobile responsive meaning that those which are not, risk falling behind the competition and loosing business. WaaS provides the ability to effortlessly adjust the page from desktop to mobile.

SEO Readiness

With WaaS, your website’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will be updated on an on-going basis. There are certain strategic aspects of SEO that should be incorporated right from the start when developing a website in order to create a successful SEO and online campaign.

Keywords: Selecting suitable and appropriate keywords to place on your website are also crucial to a successful SEO strategy. The right keywords will not only drive traffic to your site but also increase the amount of prospective customers. SEO- friendly keywords can be added to various places on your website including anchor texts and links, page titles, or captions related to multimedia content. Choosing the right keywords will increase the amount of relevant traffic that will reach your website and ultimately, the fluctuation of sales.

Meta descriptions: A key aspect of your description should be on your business’ competitive advantage and unique selling point(s). What differentiates your business from your competitors? From an outside perspective, why would they click on your site in Google search as opposed to many others? What makes you stand out? Are you a non-profit? Keep in mind that a value proposition simplifies SEO. Are you an exceptionally user-friendly e-commerce site? Do you provide top-class customer service? Do you offer high quality products discounted prices? Free shipping? These are examples of important details to include in keywords and meta descriptions.


One of the most important aspects of a successful web presence lies in the maintenance and upkeep of the relevant technology. The Website as a Service model allows for regular maintenance and updates to be included in the overall package. With the fast-pace of technology in today’s world, it is often difficult for business owners to keep up with the ever-changing cycles of technical innovations, updates, and changes.

Website Hosting

The foundation of a website lies in the server that it will be hosted on. Our Website as a Service model boasts Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting as our partner. AWS offers secure, reliable services to a multitude of clientele including Expedia, Unilever, Airbnb, and many other large companies.