The Benefits of Working with a Website Concierge Service

Receiving great customer service triggers the same cerebral reaction as feeling loved.

In 2013, American Express performed a service study. When 1,620 consumers were lab tested, 63% reported their heart rate increase when they thought about receiving great customers service. For 53% of those tested, receiving great customer service triggered the same reaction in the brain as feeling loved. The takeaway? When it comes to customer service, it’s not about what consumers think. Great service is about feelings.

So there’s that. But if feeling loved is not getting you all excited, consider this: creating and running a website yourself is a lot work.

First, there’s the hosting — it needs to be secure. You are going to probably also need a designer (including mobile design). If you aren’t an adept writer, you may need a copywriter. Hiring an SEO expert may also be crucial if you want to get noticed and rank high in search results. Then you are going to have to occasionally update and perform regular website maintenance. If you want to learn precious customer info from your site, you are either going to have to hire someone with analytics know-how or you are going to have to learn Google Analytics real fast. No wonder most companies have dedicated personnel and entire departments for all this.

In addition to lengthy development times, a website can also be a substantial investment. Most web design agencies charge thousands for even a simple website with costs escalating quickly for additional functionalities. Additionally, freelancers are quite often unreliable and intransparent about pricing, leading to inflated costs for products that seem to fall short of expectation. What’s more, after handing over the keys your site, they often leave clients to fare for themselves.

As a consequence, maintaining a web presence can be a tall order for many small and medium-sized companies who have neither the staff nor the budget to do it properly. Yet, going without one and missing out on the thriving online market is not an option.

So, what are businesses to do?

Website concierge! Wouldn’t it be better to not have to do all that work and instead employ a single team of experts to handle all of it for you? And in record time? Website concierge services allow even small businesses to have high-quality websites. Instead of dealing with all the spinning plates, a dedicated external staff builds, develops and manages the site, freeing up precious time an entrepreneur can spend focusing on growing the business.

So, to recap, website concierge services make your life easier by…

Eliminating needless guessing, busywork and liaising.

If you are building a website “the-old-fashioned-way” you have to interact with multiple parties. Resulting in you — the business owner — becoming more of a coordinator that entrepreneur. A website concierge service eliminates all of this. Everything is taken care of in one place, with single points of contact.

Working with a team of experts at a fraction of the cost.

Website concierge service gets you access to your own dedicated IT department without having to worry about the cost of hiring and overhead. These experts guide take care of hosting, web design, web development, search engine optimisation and everything else involved in running a website.

Saving you time and energy.

Most importantly, however, without the need to constantly worry about or deal with your website, you can use that time and energy for other things—like running your business.

In the end, working with a website concierge service is all about prioritising. It allows you to outsource an important part of your business to someone who can give it more attention than you yourself might be able to. That way, you have the chance to divert more effort to other important parts of the business with the peace of mind that your online presence is taken care of. Oh, and did we mention the amazing customer service?


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