The Top 5 Signs of Bad Website Design

There are countless websites on the internet. Some are good, and some are bad. A bad website design can ruin your business and drive away traffic in large numbers.

Preventing a radical drop off in numbers means paying attention to what we would consider bad website design and how it can affect your business. Let’s take a look at a few examples and see for ourselves.


1. Poor Usability

Poor usability is often cited as a big example of how bad website design can hinder the user experience significantly.

When we explore the idea of poor usability, we are referring to the idea that the website itself is difficult to use in any meaningful fashion. This can mean that the navigation is poor, things don’t work as they should, and your ability to use the website to make a purchase or get a service is massively limited.

2. Bad Loading Speeds

Bad loading speed is just another problem that the website can have. If your site takes too long to load pages, then it doesn’t look very good. Bad loading speeds often incentivise customers to click off the website, or abandon the transaction altogether.

3. Poor Content

Your website is defined by the content that exists on it. If your website has poor content, then it doesn’t look good for customers. Websites that don’t have search engine optimisation or have content that is badly written with grammatical errors will do nothing but dissuade customers from using it.

4. No Call to Action

Your website has been designed for a specific purpose, and that purpose is to drive people towards making a purchase or booking a service. If there is no call to action that pushes them to do this, then your website doesn’t have a cohesive end goal. You need to make sure that the priority is on driving customers to make the decision to do business with you.

5. Unresponsive Websites

In the pantheon of sins, an unresponsive website is the worst. It’s possible to make changes to a website that has poor content, or a website that doesn’t load quickly, but a website that doesn’t respond at all is the worst kind of website because there’s often a big change required to fix it.

How Website Design Platforms Fix Problems

It should be obvious by now that, when it comes to a website, it’s important to have one that is functional and will perform the tasks that you need it to. For this reason, many people point to design platforms as the way to solve the problem by fixing many of the issues.

Your typical website design platform is one which can be used in a range of different ways, simply because it offers you an incredible amount of flexibility. Choosing the right kind of website design platform is vital for making sure that you can build a website that you want. At the end of the day, it’s all about making sure that the finished product is one that does well for you.

How WAAS Can Help

The right kind of website building platform will help you a lot with web design that doesn’t break your business. The WAAS system has been designed to do just that. As a sophisticated, reliable, and effective tool for website building, this promises a lot of versatility with very few drawbacks. You can design the website that best reflects your business in a quick and efficient way.

Final Thoughts

So, bad web design is a killer for businesses. Naturally, this is something you will want to avoid to the best of your ability to stop bad web design from becoming a big problem. There are many pathways that can be taken to help prevent bad web design, but usually, it starts with building a website that works. The way that you do this will be up to you, but there are plenty of tools out there.