The Importance of Branding

“Branding is about the impression and the impact a business makes. Business is an entity and a brand is its external appearance. The exterior of a business tells a lot about it; it’s personality, the character and what is offered at first sight before getting to know it properly,” said Davina Mignone, the Lead UI/UX Designer at MBJ London.

Branding plays an important role in the long-term success of any business, which represents the perception of their reputation. So why is branding so crucial to both small businesses and large corporations? Branding is about selling an appearance and experience. The first thing people recognise when looking at a business is their appearance.

Logo design is crucial because the logo will be on every piece of correspondence. Your logo has to convey your message, stand out, as well as tell your business’s story. A logo should be up to date, trendy, and possess the right colour scheme. A classic example of a successful logo is Apple’s. You can see how the logo progressed and changed with Apple’s company focus. Their logo is systematically placed on every Apple product on the market, making it easy to remember. Nowadays, everyone in the world recognizes this logo.

Your branding sells the experience of working with you. What experience do you want to give your customers? Take a page out of Apple’s book. Apple’s logo does the job of sealing prestige, class and fantastic customer service. People don’t simply buy the products; they buy an experience. The better the experience and service you provide, the more memorable your brand will be.

Advertising is another integral part of branding the business. Having a chosen focus and demographically targeted advertising audience helps build a brand. Advertising the brand showcases your sales talent, services, and statement. The right branding brings financial value and a strong brand usually guarantees future business, which can come from word of mouth. Hence, the stronger the brand, the better financial return.

Branding gives employees something to work towards. A brand is a mantra, a mission statement that gives the reason for your business. What do you want to say about your business? Is your goal to help others? Or is it to enhance their experience? Employees will share the same enthusiasm and work towards achieving the business’ goals once this statement is clear.

“Branding is a group of values to be established, a philosophy to be set for each employee to live by. It is crucial to elaborate guidelines to reproduce the same kind of feeling and perception where that brand may publicly affect its target audience. The brand always has to have the same consistency throughout. Otherwise, the brand is not credible,” added Davina.

Branding is the single most important thing a business should have. A brand carries the weight of your business as well as defines it. With the right logo, website, advertising, and mission, a company can establish itself as the leader in their particular industry.