Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Your Website

Whether you are a start-up, a small business, or even a large industry corporation, your website is crucial when it comes to making a good first – and lasting – impression. With more businesses than ever turning to the digital world in order to keep business operations moving throughout the pandemic and beyond, it seems that the last 12 months have seen a turning point in the way that businesses across all industries view their online presence.

Yes, that means company websites, online communications, contact forms, social media platforms, and online review sites to name but a few of the key online business touchpoints.

This article puts the spotlight on your website, outlining just a couple of key areas of focus when it comes to ensuring your website is doing your business justice in the eyes of potential customers, suppliers, and key industry contacts.


What does your website say about you?

Potential clients and customers can find your business through any number of different touchpoints, be it word of mouth, social media, Google advertising or a simple search results page. But the fact remains that once they find you, they will inevitably head to your website to learn more about what you do. It is your website’s job to let them know what you do, what kind of business you are, what your vision is, and what solutions or services you offer.

Great website copy starts by anticipating the client or customer’s problem and letting them know that your business can provide the ideal solution.

It’s not all about the words…

One of the most overlooked aspects of a business website is its performance in terms of loading speed and usability – yet this can be the make or break for visitors who are looking for quick answers. If a user cannot quickly navigate their way around your site, or if the pages take too long to load, the chances are that they will leave and try out one of your competitors.

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and undergo the journey you expect them to make across your website. Is it easy to navigate, fast to load, and interactive to use?

Another part of this particular area of focus is the idea of mobile optimisation and the simple truth that internet users are just as likely to find your website on their smartphone or tablet, as they are on a laptop or desktop. From design to font and navigation tools, mobile optimisation is not something you can afford to ignore!

The importance of your website

Your website is like your Headquarters in the online world. It provides potential contacts with a way to learn more about you without even getting in touch. It lets people know what you do and, crucially, what you can do for them without them even needing to ask.

In this new world where everything from events and meetings to business transactions are being performed online, a fresh and user-friendly website is one of your most important assets – and should not be underestimated!