Content Marketing Trends to Improve Your Online Strategy

Whenever we talk about improving your online strategy, many of us think immediately of social media and the ways in which we use social platforms as a way of bolstering our online presence and reaching our audience in different ways.

And while social media continues to sit up there as one of the most mainstream and important content marketing trends to influence and improve your online strategy, it’s not the only trend making its way across the world of online business.


The Use Of Video and Visual Content

Video marketing has become such a big thing in 2021, with the use of Instagram Reels, the growth of Tik Tok, and a multitude of other avenues which give businesses and individuals the chance to showcase what they do in more interactive and engaging ways. Video and visual content is a great way of putting a face behind the name of your business and making your team or your service offering more exciting and dynamic.

A Focus on Experiential Content

Now, more than ever, is when consumers are looking for experiences over material things. The pandemic highlighted how it wasn’t things people missed but the experiences that came with those things, and so it’s up to you and your business to find ways of injecting experience into your online strategy – be it through interactive content, competitions and engagement posts, basic social media polls, and interactive customer service options.

Your online strategy is built on technology, so why not take that to the next level and find new ways of using technology to further enhance your customer experience offering?

Creating Content Which Isn’t Just Replicated Across Different Channels

It is so easy to create a social media post or a blog, and simply copy and paste it across your different channels to give it the widest reach possible. But ask yourself this – what VALUE is that creating for your followers and readers?

One of the trends that you should be focussing your energy on in 2021 is finding ways of localising your content for different platforms and creating content narratives which span across different platforms. This, in turn, will encourage readers to move from your Facebook to your Instagram or your website, in order to continue their journey with you. If everything is exactly the same across every touchpoint, followers will quickly realise this and, at best, will only follow you on one platform. At worst, they might get bored and leave you high and dry.

Make it WORTH their follow across all your potential touchpoints.

Don’t Shy Away from Virtual Events

Virtual events have never been so popular, with the future of events looking to include some kind of hybrid structure which uses both live experiences and online and virtual attendance. If you don’t start to embrace virtual events as part of your strategy now, then you will soon get left behind; with events proving one of the most valuable investments in terms of content both for the business and for your clients or customers.

The simple fact is that 2021 is the year of revolution, with the pandemic bringing to life a ton of alternatives and virtual content ideas that are likely to stick around for years to come. Put time into introducing them to your business now – before it’s too late.

For more support on bringing your online strategy to life through different content ideas and innovations, get in touch!