Brand Promotion

Everything you need to know about promoting your brand online.

Promoting your brand online can open you up numerous inexpensive and even free methods to bring in new customers and keep existing ones.

Online brand promotion often allows you to use highly targeted methods to ensure you are promoting your brand to the right people. With your website and a range of social media platforms, you can engage people to share your content, products or services. There are several ways you can choose to promote your brand online, depending on which methods you think are best suited to your brand.

Instagram and YouTube

While platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have larger audiences, there are some other social media channels that are also crucial – namely Instagram. Used to instantly share photos and short videos, this mobile app has quickly become a popular choice for aesthetically conscious social media users and brands alike. When it comes to brand promotion, there are a number of ways Instagram can be highly useful. By sharing images and videos of products, clients and other fun content, brands can engage their user base on a deeper, more personal level that is far likelier to aid in converting and retaining customers than many means of traditional advertising. It’s also a good idea to seek out Instagram influencers, who have pull with their large number of followers.

YouTube is quite likely the most recognisable video content website out there. However, many brands are unsure about how they can use it to their advantage. Creating videos can seem like a complicated and perhaps expensive thing to do, especially if you want to do it well. But it doesn’t need to be as difficult as some might imagine. Good promotional videos can be made inexpensively. Product reviews are one of the types of content that you can use. Sending products to reviewers in exchange for a review is a great way to encourage their brand promotion. You can also create your own videos of product demonstrations and related content.

Brand Promotion


Social media has rapidly become one of the most popular ways to promote brands online. Of all the channels available, Facebook is hands-down the most diverse and well-known. Seduced by its offer of free brand promotion, many brands start off using basic Facebook features before quickly turning to the platform’s extensive paid advertising options. Facebook offers a range of choices for promoting content and creating custom adverts. One of the platform’s key features is Facebook Custom Audiences, which allows brands to create highly targeted adverts. In fact, it makes it possible to market directly to people who visit your website or subscribe to your email list. So after someone has visited your site, you can ensure that they see your brand again when they’re next on Facebook.

Brand Promotion

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is another form of brand promotion that can be highly effective if approached in the right way. Alongside creating content for your own blog, you can contact partners or affiliates who can also promote your brand. Create blog posts for bloggers to host on their site, which link back to your website or makes reference to your products or services. However, it’s important not to just write posts that focus solely on your products. Posts need to create value for the customer or it will be ignored as too salesy.

Giveaways and competitions

Giving away items and running competitions can be an excellent way to get people to share your content. You can host them on your website and promote them on social media too. Ask people to like your social media pages, sign up to your email list or like and share social media posts. You can use giveaway and competition applications to help you track and record info on the people who enter. If you decide to run a competition or giveaway, make sure that you pay close attention to your country’s laws. For example, if you run a prize draw, you need to provide one route of entry that is free, although this can include the cost of postage or a standard phone call or text message.

Be creative with how you choose to promote and create value for your customer. Promotion doesn’t need to be expensive to be effective.

Brand Promotion

Affiliate programmes

Some brands choose to use affiliate programmes if they want bloggers and other influential people to promote them. An affiliate programme offers others the chance to profit from promoting your products. If they promote your products by linking to your content, they get a cut of the sales that result from their promotion.